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Gantry crane

Model: kr08
General settings gantry container cranes- Capacity: 25; 46 m;- span: up to 32 m inclusive;- lifting height: 11 m;- performance of the crane: general industrial, tropical;- operating temperature: -40 ... + 40 ° C.model nameCarrying capacity, tThe length of the span of the crane, mLift height gripping..
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Model: kr09
Gantries timber produced by serial projects are managed and reliable design of the mobile cabin. As the lifting body are: rotating hook, socket grip, swivel traverse with locking hook, trohtochkovaya spatial traverse traverse with swivel hook.General parameters for timber cranes- Capacity: 12.5; 16 ..
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Model: kr07
Gantry crane Special clamshell is designed for work with bulk cargo. Crane produced by serial project has a proven reliable design and operated from a movable cab.Special gantry crane spreaders designed for loading and unloading of long loads. Crane equipped with special traverses with flexible susp..
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